Abraham Moon fabrics a Great British Product Since 1837

14 July 2017
Abraham Moon fabrics a Great British Product Since 1837

We at The Designer Sofa are proud to be a British sofa manufacturer and as such heavenly support other British and UK companies. By buying British it will help manufacturing locally and the whole country will benefit.

We are very excited to announce we are having some new Moon fabric books in this week.
To have a look at moon fabrics. Link https://www.moons.co.uk/furnishings/domestic/

Here is a little bit of interesting information about Abraham Moon.
Moon is one of last remaining vertical woollen mills in Great Britain today that still make one of the finest wool fabrics available in the world today.
Moon even make the yarn themselves from raw wool that goes into the finished fabric.
Next is the dye process, The raw wool then goes to the Dye House, to be dyed using precise combinations of dye, pressure, temperature and time. These combinations are kept a close secret to ensure our unique colour palette remains ours alone. We can currently dye our wool in over 500 different shades and colours
6 process later we have we have a range quality fabrics that will make stunning furniture that will look good for years to come.
To see more of this process. Link https://www.moons.co.uk/about-us/our-mill/